Seamless Online Rent Payments

Taymil is pleased to offer residents the ability to pay rent online with PayLease.  The benefits of PayLease include:
  • Electronic Check FREE
  • Online payments via credit card (reduced interest fee of 2.75%)
  • Pay-By-Phone (Fee $)
  • One-time payments from your bank account
  • Automatic payments through your bank account to eliminate late fees
  • Secure and easy to use payment systems:
    • directly through PayLease
    • PayPal through PayLease
P A Y L E A S E    S U P P O R T

Call Center Support - 24/7
Call (866) 729-5327

Once you have established a Resident Account with PayLease, you can sign up for "Credit Reporting".   This tool will show you how to build your credit score and manage money.

PayLease does NOT report your payments to the credit bureau; however, you can choose to have them report your prompt payments to increase your credit score.